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2006-10-17 SVN Report 1.0.4 released. svn+ssh protocol support added.
2006-09-11 CVS Report 1.1.4 and SVN Report 1.0.3 released. Get it.
2006-03-29 CVS Report 1.1.3 released. Some bugs were fixed. Download.
2006-03-20 SVN Report for NetBeans 1.0.2 released.
2006-03-17 SVN Report 1.0.2 released. svn:// support was added.
2006-03-14 New Documentation in HTML and PDF formats was added.
2006-03-13 CVS Report 1.1.2 for NetBeans released.
2006-03-07 SVN Report 1.0.1 released. HTTPS support was added.
2006-03-05 SVN Report 1.0.0 released.
2006-02-23 New package of CVS Report for Eclipse 1.1.2 released. An exception "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.vcsreport.plugins.CvsReportEclipseAction" was fixed.
2006-02-15 New CVS Report 1.1.2 released. JFreeChart library was removed to reduce the application size. Eclipse plugin was introduced.
2006-02-09 New CVS Report 1.1.1 released.
2006-01-13 Russain translation of VCS Report home page was added.
2006-01-08 New CVS Report 1.1.0 released. You can download and test CVS Report in the Download section for free.

VCS Report is a free open source Java project to generate statistical reports from your VCS repository. VCS (Versions Control System) helps to manage revisions of your source files. You can run VCS Report on Microsoft Windows and Linux. VCS Report shows various information about your project files stored in the VCS. VCS Report can be used as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, Borland JBuilder, Eclipse, NetBeans.

CVS Report SVN Report


Generates statistical reports from the CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) repository, supports pserver and local methods.


Generates statistical reports from the Subversion (SVN) repository, supports http://, https://, svn:// and svn+ssh protocols.


  • CVS and Subversion (SVN) support
  • Customizable filters
  • History table
  • Statistical charts
  • HTML reports
  • CSV (Comma delimited) reports
Future plans
  • CVS SSH support
  • Web interface
  • More statistical charts
  • XML reports
  • Send reports by E-Mail
You can send me letters with your feature requests to
Copyright (c) 2006, Alexander Maximenya
All rights reserved