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Using SVN Report

This document describes how to use SVN Report as a standalone application and as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, Borland JBuilder, Eclipse, NetBeans.

1. SVN Report

SVN Report generates statistical reports from the Subversion (SVN) repository, supports http://, https:// and svn:// protocols.

1.1. Main Screen (History table)

SVN Main Screen 1

1.2. Main Screen ("Commits by user" chart)

SVN Main Screen 2

1.3. Main Screen ("Commits by day" chart)

SVN Main Screen 3

1.4. Toolbar. There are buttons to control SVN Report.

SVN Main Screen

Get Report Button Get report - starts the history command
Stop Report Button Stop report - stops the history command
Clear Table Button Clear report table clears the history table
Export report to HTML file Button Export report to HTML file exports the report to the HTML file
Export report to CSV file Button Export report to CSV file exports the report to the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file
About Button About shows "SVN Report About" dialog

1.5. SVN Configuration dialog

SVN Configuration Dialog

1.6. Calendar. Helps to select the start and the end dates.


2. SVN Report for IntelliJ IDEA

2.1. Installation

  1. Close IDEA
  2. Unpack files from SVNReportIDEA-bin-{VERSION}.zip to IDEA plugins folder
  3. Run IDEA

2.2. IDEA ToolBar

IDEA ToolBar

2.3. IDEA Main Menu

IDEA MainMenu

3. SVN Report for Eclipse

3.1. Installation

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. Unpack file org.vcsreport.svnreport_{VERSION}.jar from SVNReportEclipse-bin-{VERSION}.zip to {Eclipse>}/plugins folder
  3. Run Eclipse

3.2. Eclipse ToolBar

Eclipse ToolBar

4. SVN Report for Borland JBuilder

4.1. Installation

  1. Close JBuilder
  2. Unpack files from SVNReportJBuilder-bin-{VERSION}.zip to {JBuilder}/lib/ext folder.
  3. Run JBuilder

4.2. JBuilder Main Menu

JBuilder MainMenu

5. SVN Report for NetBeans

5.1. Installation

  1. Go to Main Menu -> Tools -> Update Center
  2. Select "Install Manually Downloaded Modules (nbm. Files)", press "Next"
  3. Press "Add" and select the file "button org-vcsreport-svnreport.nbm", press "Next"
  4. Select the line "SVN Report for NetBeans" in the right list "Include in Install", press "Next"
  5. Accept the license
  6. Select the checkbox "Include" and press the button "Yes"
  7. NetBeans will refresh Toolbar and Main Menu

5.2. NetBeans ToolBar

NetBeans ToolBar

5.3. NetBeans Main Menu

NetBeans MainMenu

Copyright (c) 2006, Alexander Maximenya
All rights reserved